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cessity that has become an obligation

Some robot mower models do not require a robot mower roof because of the quality of their stainless steel or aluminium chassis. This gives them a very high level of resistance and inalterability compared to other similar devices. However, it is essential to store them in a suitable place, away from water or other unsuitable places. In addition, the little wonder that is your robot needs extra protection: a shelter that will protect it perfectly against the weather and certain forms of damage.

To ensure that the unit is not damaged by snow, hail or bird droppings, DaSheep recommends that you place it under a lawnmower robot roof. This guarantees a long service life, especially in terms of function and appearance. The same device will certainly save it from the impact of projectiles such as bullets and stones as well as from falling branches from dead trees. In a word, anyone who wants a mowing robot for the long term must purchase a good quality mowing robot roof.

Choosing the easy way out

No need to tinker to be able to afford a place suitable for a robotic lawnmower. DaSheep offers you a wide collection of standard models of robot mower roofs that can accommodate any machine, regardless of brand and size. There is also no need to call in a carpenter to transform your shed into a mini garage if ready-to-install devices remain easily accessible. And with the expense of these services, you could end up spending a lot more money than you think.

You'll save time by choosing from our prefabricated shelters if you plan to put your DIY skills to good use. You also have the choice of materials for your lawnmower robot roof thanks to this alternative. Obviously, our list includes models made of steel, aluminium and also polycarbonate, which can be combined in other ways to create a stunning final result. Also note the advantages you can get from our robot awnings with folding roof or our underground models.

The choice of embellishment

DaSheep's robotic mower roofs are not to be outdone in terms of design, to mention only the Zelsius model, which has breathtaking aesthetics and a good capacity for large machines. Lovers of wooden structures will derive a lot of pleasure from the purchase of a Wiltec-type solid wood garage. Feel free to browse through our collection to find the right roof for your robot lawnmower.

Our offer will also satisfy your mobility needs, as some of our robot shelters can easily be installed in the location of your choice. A small, innovative and efficient structure that will enhance your garden or other parts of your yard. If you are a fan of camouflage and a natural look, let yourself be seduced by our Belissa natural stone robot mower roof, above which you can grow all kinds of plants. Alternatively, our robot mower roof imitating an underground garage developed by Bosh is sure to please even the most ambitious.