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  • €75.00 - €312.00

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The lawnmower robot niche: guaranteed protection all year round

The advantages of a niche for robotic lawnmowers

A long life: that's all the good we wish for your automatic lawnmower. The purchase of a mowing robot is a choice that often stems from a desire to stop complicating your life and to stop spending hours mowing the lawn. However, you should also think about the maintenance of these machines to ensure years of peace of mind. Even though electric mowing robots are designed to be watertight, storing them in a mowing robot niche all year round will guarantee them a longer life and a better cut of grass. Indeed, the batteries of garden robot mowers need to be preserved in order to provide their full potential and maintain an optimal lifespan. A robot mower niche therefore becomes an indispensable piece of equipment to save money in the long term.

The robot mower shelter: protection in all weathers

Ideal for winter storage, to protect your automated lawnmower from bad weather, a niche for a mowing robot will also be useful for your unit during other times of the year. Especially in summer to hide it from the sun's rays, as direct ultraviolet light can be harmful to electric batteries. The protective box will also protect your equipment from hail, ball games or any other shock that could damage its appearance as well as its mechanical parts.

The largest selection of niche robotic lawnmowers

Niches for all types of cordless electric lawnmowers

DaSheep offers a wide variety of niches for mowing robots: garages, sheds, carports, trunks, awnings, underground shelters... These protective accessories have the advantage of being compatible with all models of stand-alone mowers. The mowing robot niche will embellish your garden with its pretty colours, its accomplished design and its meticulous finishes. Totally integrated into the landscape, the robot mower's niche will become an ornament of choice for your beautiful garden that you so love to take care of all year round. Or it can, on the contrary, be used to hide your cordless lawnmower from the coveted eyes of neighbours or passers-by.

Robotic lawnmower niches for all budgets and styles

From the simplest to the most powerful, the niche robotic lawnmower is accessible to all budgets, from a few dozen euros to the most high-tech installation. Full of inventiveness, manufacturers of shelters for battery-powered lawnmowers have imagined all sorts of products in various materials and adopting all sorts of silhouettes. Whether you opt for the sobriety of natural wood, demand the modernity of an aluminium dugout, be passionate about the fantasy of a cottage-style hut, or love the efficiency of motorised doors, DaSheep offers its customers models from the most classic to the most original.