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Protection of the mowing robot against the elements

In order to guarantee convenient and comfortable use, your robot mower must have access to its recharging point. Indeed, it is able to get there on its own in case of small hunger. Therefore, the charging point is located outside the house, which exposes it to water and sunlight. The shelters for robotic lawnmowers are specially designed to protect them during recharging, but also to shelter them from the midday sun, whose heat can reduce the battery's performance. While simple shelters are available to match the robot, we also offer a range of shelters that provide extra safety. Given the price of these very practical robots, there is a certain risk of theft depending on the layout and accessibility of the premises. To deal with this risk, purchase a shelter in the form of a hut.

Give your robotic lawnmower a small garden house

You are proud of your beautifully landscaped garden with its flower beds, perfectly trimmed hedge and pretty country style decorations... it would be a shame to unbalance this harmonious setting with a shelter straight out of a science fiction movie, however practical it may be. The ideal solution is to install a mowing robot shed in a corner of the garden. The aesthetics will no longer be compromised, better still, it could even be improved if you make the right choice from our range. There are different styles to suit all tastes and to fit into any garden. Usually made of natural solid wood (pine, fir), these shelters are delivered in kit form and are very easy to assemble. In just a few moments, you will be able to embellish your garden with a small wooden shed in which your robot lawnmower will come to feed itself in complete safety.

Protection against theft

The Robot Mower Shelter offers protection against rain and sun, not to mention the dust that could stick to it. However, it has another advantage: the hut allows you to hide your robot and thus avoid prying eyes that could turn into jealousy. Your robot will be invisible in its little house. And to guarantee maximum safety, we even offer models with electric doors. These are real small garden garages with an aesthetic appearance that will enrich the landscape. With DASHEEP, you have access to a whole range of accessories for your robot lawnmower. Our range of shelters allows you to choose according to your needs and desires: simple shelter, decorated shed, garage with electric door... They are all at your disposal in just a few clicks. Upon confirmation, your order will be sent to you and you will quickly receive your box containing the easy-to-assemble kit.