Accessories for robotic lawnmowers

DaSheep is a French/English e-commerce website based in France, in Ancenis near Nantes. Specialising in robotic lawnmower accessories, it offers three types of accessories for lovers of impeccable, carefree mowing: shelters, blades and stickers.

DaSheep is a key partner for Husqvarna robotic mower accessories and Automower Husqvarna accessories, offering its know-how and expertise to help those who want a perfect garden and a well-kept lawn.

DaSheep is a showcase for the Swedish brand Husqvarna, a leader in park and garden maintenance, but also presents a range of all-brand robot mower accessories. The quality of its service, simple and fast, is equal to the efficiency of your robot mower.

Da-Sheep offers real expertise in the field of robotic mower accessories. The services offered by this e-commerce company based in France are based on three watchwords, which are the company's spearheads: fast service, easy purchasing and a simplified customer experience.

The brand is putting its skills and experience at the service of the headliner Husqvarna, a former royal manufacturer that has become the world leader in robotic lawnmowers. But it also offers robotic mowing accessories for all makes of equipment.

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Shelters, Blades and Stickers

Robot mower shelter
  • Robot mower shelter

  • Your robot mower must be protected when it is in its charging station. Different shelters, from the basic model to the underground model, will adapt to all types of equipment.

Robotic lawn mower blade
  • Robotic lawn mower blade

  • Robot mower: The range of blades offered by DaSheep is centred exclusively on the Husqvarna brand. It offers blades in different qualities: steel, titanium coated or all-titanium.

Stickers lawnmower robot
  • Stickers lawnmower robot

  • To customise your lawnmower robot, DaSheep offers a wide range of stickers, from the wisest to the most fun.

The know-how of a professional in accessories for robotic lawnmowers

DaSheep loves the garden, and its mission is to serve lovers of green spaces where no blade of grass protrudes. The robot mower, autonomous and automatic, is a technological breakthrough that is a precious help for demanding and hurried gardeners. DaSheep's concern is to provide you with an efficient service for three types of mowing robot accessories: the blade and the sticker.

Robot mower blades: choose between steel or titanium

The blades are part of the Husqvarna Automower and Husqvarna Robotic Mower accessories that DaSheep markets. In this type of robot mower accessory, he only works for this brand.

The blades must be replaced regularly in order to maintain their efficiency and achieve an excellent quality of cut. They can be sharpened, but it is advisable to change them at least once a year, and up to 3 times depending on the lawn. Using your mower robot with a broken blade risks unbalancing the blade holder and contributes to premature wear of the bearings.

Our Husqvarna accessories department offers several types of robot mower blades. The standard model is the 0.6 mm wide steel blade, which has a service life of approximately two months. Blades with a titanium coating have the same width, but are of higher quality, have a finer cut and last longer. The optimum quality is achieved by blades made entirely of titanium.

Robot lawnmower stickers: make your lawnmower stand out from the crowd

When we talk about Husqvarna robotic lawn mower accessories, or robotic lawn mower accessories in general, we are also talking about look and image. It is possible to customise your robot to make it unique. DaSheep allows you, through its various stickers, to customise your robot. They are simple to position on the robot, and if you get tired of the aesthetic of its casing, they can be removed without leaving any residue and can be replaced easily.

There are several versions of stickers for robotic lawnmowers, depending on your tastes, your personality... or that of your garden. Give your lawnmower a conventional or original touch, plain or printed, discreet or flashy, serious or more fun. You can either hide it or show it off. Follow your inspiration, play with your creativity. You can even, if you feel like it, add eyes, a mouth or wings!

Automated mowing is a real revolution for the garden. The robot mower is beautiful, let alone with its sticker. It is silent and uses little energy. It is easy to use and reliable, as long as the blades are changed regularly. It is environmentally friendly, as the finely cut strands are transformed into fertiliser. It is docile, and will return alone to its charging station thanks to its guide cable.  The DaSheep website, retail partner, will be at your side to competently answer your search for accessories, in order to offer the best to your equipment.

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