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  • €75.00 - €312.00

Discover the 3 products Automower 230ACX Husqvarna shelter.

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Automower 230ACX shelter: storage and protection

You don't know where to store your lawnmower? Dasheep has thought of you with the Automower 230ACX Husqvarna shelter. This is a handy place to put the charging station, where your robot will come back on its own when it has finished its work. With the Automower 230ACX, your garden is always tidy and there is no risk of stepping on your robot when it is stationary. This high-quality accessory will extend the life of your mower. With its UV filters, the roof not only protects against rain, but also against the sun. Thanks to its sturdy structure, it also protects against shocks during any children's playtime. In addition, its modern, sleek design ensures that you can store your lawnmower in an attractive way.

The resistance of the 230ACX robot mower shelter

The Husqvarna Automower 230ACX shelter is made of heavy-duty metal legs. The transparent garage roof is made of honeycombed polycarbonate. In addition, the height of the roof is designed to fit the shape of your robot mower perfectly. This way, it is better protected in case of precipitation and strong winds. Dimensions : L. 77 x W. 103 x H. 46 cm.

Quick and easy installation

Specialists in robotic lawnmowers, Dasheep does everything possible to make your life easier. Installing the Husqvarna Automower 230ACX shelter couldn't be easier. The delivery includes an installation kit with mounting screws. Their length ensures that they are anchored deep into your ground for better storm resistance.