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  • €75.00 - €312.00

  • €75.00 - €312.00

Discover the 3 products Automower 308 Husqvarna shelter.

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The 308 Husqvarna Automower Shelter, our arguments for not doing without it anymore

The Husqvarna 308 Robot Mower Shelter is easy to install and convenient to use because it is easily compatible with your corresponding model of robot mower.

Guaranteed robot mower protection

Whether it's raining or windy, sunny or snowing in your garden, your Automower 308 is there. It protects your lawnmower from any projectiles that could accidentally hit it.

Optimised storage and a beautiful garden

The Automower 308 shelter is undeniably a decorative object. Not only is it designed to protect and extend the life of your robot mower, it also enhances your garden. Its modern, clean lines highlight your mower and its functionality.

The Husqvarna Automower 308 Shelter, because your Husqvarna 308 lawnmower is worth it.

How many times have we regretted a purchase because we didn't invest in reliable and professional accessory equipment? Our company is here to make sure that no one makes that mistake again. That's why we offer the Husqvarna 308 robot mower shelter: so that your robot is well maintained and keeps its full functionality. This investment is never regretted by our buyers: the returns are positive and constantly justify the usefulness of such a product. Especially in terms of the time saving and freedom of mind that such a shelter allows. Indeed, not having to think about storing or protecting your Husqvarna is comfortable and safer for you, and for her.