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Benefits of the Husqvarna 430x Robot Shelter The Husqvarna Automower 430X is a considerable investment, so you don't want to take any risks. During the 50 minutes it takes to recharge, it could be attacked by rain. With our specially designed shelters for this model, there's nothing to worry about. And if rain is not the only problem, be aware that robotic mowers are sensitive to direct exposure to sunlight. The main risk here is a reduction in battery performance due to heat. So when the robot is not mowing the lawn (which should be its most common condition), it can stay in the shade and dry. Our range of robot mower shelters Husqvarna As a specialist in accessories for robot mowers, DASHEEP offers you a whole range of shelters to satisfy both your safety needs and your aesthetic desires. A classic style shelter, a modern design shelter, partial or complete... you will find everything in our catalogue. And if you can't decide on which shelter to integrate into your garden landscape, how about a buried shelter? Don't wait any longer to order your Husqvarna 430x robot mower shelter, our fast and reliable service will be happy to fulfil your wishes.